News 2011

December 10th, 2011
PBC disappointed with NZ Performance
After a very positive day of rehearsals in Palmerston North, the Grade 1 band did not play to the expectations of the band and onlookers, managing to secure 4th of 5 bands in the MSR, and 5th of 5 in the Medley. This resulted in an aggregate 5th place overall. A lack of composure led to a number of uncharacteristic mistakes in the circle, however, several players experienced their first time competing in Grade 1, and others their first time playing with PBC. As such, there were many positives to take from the trip. This marked the first time PBC G1 has appeared at a contest with other Grade 1 competitors since the departure of former Pipe Major Scott Nicolson in 2010.

November 6, 2011
PBC Bands compete at NSW State Championship
Both the Grade 1 band and the Development Band took part in the NSW State Pipe Band Championships held at Castle Hill showground on November 6th. Building on their steady improvement of the past months, the Development Band placed 5th in a field of seven, again with stronger results in piping. The Grade 1 band played their #2 MSR shortly after lunch, and included in the band were six players making their debut for PBC, and put forward a credible performance despite the heat. Later that afternoon, the band took the field once more and performed the medley with 'panache'. Featuring an excellent attack, the pipe corps certainly felt the bulk of the set was pretty well played. Again, without any other competition in the grade, the results were a formality, but securing the March-Off contest was a pleasant surprise!

The Development band now looks forward to a well-deserved break before activities begin for 2012. Meanwhile, the Grade 1 build-up towards their New Zealand trip continues.

October 5, 2011
PBC Bands compete at Manly-Warringah contest
Both the Grade 1 band and the Development Band took part in the annual Manly-Warringah contest held on September 18th. This included members of PBC competing across all solo grades in the morning, picking up a long list of wins and places. The Development band placed a narrow 3rd to The Scots College and Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley in Grade 3, with strong results in piping particularly. Grade 1, unfortunately, had no other bands entered in the grade and so PBC No. 1 played to support the contest and give the band a practice run in the circle. The performance was of excellent quality, however, and the new medley was very well received by adjudicators and spectators alike. This also marked the first time competing in Grade 1 for George Harper and Will Donnelley.

The Development band now looks forward to the Wollongong contest, and a much improved medley performance that should see them close the gap to the other Grade 3 bands in NSW. The addition of three more players to the ranks should certainly boost their confidence! Both PBC bands are on track for a big day at the NSW State Championship in November.

June 27, 2011
PBC confirms trip to Palmerston North
As per the plan set out earlier in the year, the Grade 1 band will be competing at Square Day in Plamerston North. This contest is on the 10th of December, and PBC players will be there from Thursday 8th until Sunday 11th December. The objective of the trip will be to gain a realistic insight into the band's standing in relation to other World-class bands, as part of our build-up towards defending the Australian Championships in 2012, and future international trips.

May 1, 2011
LCC Minibands
Both the Grade 1 and Development band competed at the Liverpool Catholic club minibands contest, marking the end of a wee break from the playing circle. With only our three PBC minibands entered in Grade 1, the result was a foregone conclusion, however the Development band secured 3rd place in a tough field. This contest rounded out an important weekend session for the band during which the focus was work on the MSRs. the band now looks forward to the next practice weekend in late June.