The Band
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Angus Roberts (Pipe Major) Scott Miller (Drum Sergeant)
Paul Hughes (Pipe Sgt - NSW) Brett Dyson
Euan Anderson (Pipe Sgt - Europe) Keith Tombs
Nick Robinson (Pipe Cpl) Colin Jeffrey
George Harper (Pipe Cpl) Lachlan Crook
Will Donnelley James Walsh
Ian MacKenzie Greg Weber
Matt Gervasoni Chris Johnston
Will Khun Sean Mannering
Espie Watt Justin Mannering
Adam Wishart David Spotswood
Charlie Harper Adrien Guillaume
Geoff Neve Luke McDonald (On Leave)
Alice Niuila Dougal McConnell (on leave)
Ross Jennings  
Maree Poole  
Lachlan Wilson BASS SECTION
Fergus Barry-Corderoy Alexandra Hunt
James Pasch Bronwyn Martin
James Hill Sarah Barry-Corderoy
Campbell Wilson Mitch Eaton
Hugh Strain Matt Chalk
Brian Tran Sam Hoberman
Jamie McAloon Kate Millward (on leave)
Jamie Hunt Sandra Taylor (on leave)
Ben Hunt  
Richard Wilson
Stephen Weir (On Leave)
Benedikt Groh (on leave)
Alex Gehrig (on leave)
Jan Guretzke (on leave)
Cameron Devries (on leave)
Most Valuable Player Awards
  • Congratulations to all our MVP winners. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the PBC.
  • MVP 2014
    Scott Miller
  • MVP 2013
    Paul Hughes
  • MVP 2012
    James Walsh
  • MVP 2011
    Espie Watt (G1) and Nicholas Robinson (Dev)
  • MVP 2010
    Katherine Belcher
  • MVP 2009
    Angus Roberts and Jarrod Watts
  • MVP 2008
    Ken Maltman